I Am

That Girl

I shut my locker and walked in the midst of the continuation of the laughter and the carrying on of my high school class from lunch. My “friends” must have gone straight to class rather going back to their lockers. I was invisible and low to the ground. The laughter became muffled as I went inward, mentally removing myself from the actuality.

I do not remember exactly which grade I was in, but at this time, I discovered on TV Land the late 1960’s– early 1970’s TV show, That Girl. I instantaneously became a fan of actress and woman activist Marlo Thomas. Like Mary Tyler Moore and Maya Angelou, Marlo Thomas was on my list of influential women that I admired. Added later on my list was Gloria Steinem in high school and Oprah Winfrey in my freshman year of college.

Removed from my high school class in the hallway, I happened to think of some random scene from That Girl, and I perked up. I walked with my rambunctious class with my head held up high.

Deep down inside, all I have ever wanted was make a difference—make an impact, become a leader and a speaker. I envisioned myself in my mind getting up in front of people and speaking to a huge crowd. I cared about education and women’s rights. Since I was six years old, I have dreamed of being an author one day. Deep down inside, I wanted to my voice be heard and I wanted to be seen.

I’m going to be someone. I thought to myself. I am going to be someone.

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